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We offer quality and over the top services to busy individuals, businesses and corporations throughout the city of Nairobi and its surburbs

We take critical tasks off your hands so that you can focus on running your business and day to day activities. We have a wide range of services that meet your personal & business demands.

Are you overwhelmed with activities trying to find time to get evrything done in limited time? If yes, then Gryfalcon Parcel Delivery can help you free up your time.

Let us help you free up your time: do routine tasks that take your valuable time; so that you anuse your vocational personal time for what it's meant for spending time with family, friends, etc.

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Transporting Parcels

We move parcels from one point to another

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Collecting Parcels

We carefully collect parcels with utmost confidentiality

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Pick Service

We offer pick up services at great prices

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Drop Service

Need any drop service, we are here for you.

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By entrusting your business to care courier same day delivery service,you assure your self peace of mind because:-

  • We guarantee the integrity of your supply chain.
  • We concentrate on less than 24hrs deliveries.
  • We deliver same-day even within an hour or less for rush critical deliveries.
  • We are a highly specialised consumer-driven business focused on delivering packages for customers on a "just in time " basis.
  • We pick-up and deliver important business documents,packages and parts that need to be sent or received quickly within a local area.
  • We deliver items that the sender cannot reliability transport through other means due to time or other constraints.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is our priority. We will be responsible to your concerns and complaints,fix problems immediately and maintain standard of communication with you and your staff. If we are not able to prevent a problem we promise to fix it.

OUR STAFF MEMBERS are passionate about providing you with the most cost effective and efficient service possible. We pledge integrity and accuracy in our invoicing and 100% commitment to quality in our record keeping and documentation.

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We'll undertake all your delivery on an ad-hoc or regular basis as per your instructions, and we will provide you with a professional, trustworthy service you can rely on every time. We are currently operating in Nairobi and the neighbourhoods. Contact us today to find out how Gryfalcon Parcel Services can bring more convenience in your life.